Friday, July 23, 2010


My work is about the artist and the fall of civilization as we know it. For many years i have explored the use of alternative material in the creation of my work. disguard paints,fibers, fabrics and materials. would a stretched canvas be needed?, gesso ? acrylic? oil? ink? i would surmise not. yet, even in prehistoric times the creative process flourished. from cave paintings to petroglyphs , to fertility carvings in animal bone and soft stone, these creations mark a time and place in history rarely understood in the framework and context of the mind of it's creator . Yet, it endures.
My work is about building from the rubble. soil to seed, sapling to tree and back. It's about the cycle of existence.It's about my conception, birth, life , impending demise and the after life. Not so much about what happens to me after i die but what i leave behind. What happens after i die in regards to the impact and impressions, my glyphs , my cave paintings, my carving is bone and how they will be perceived in the framework and context of the minds of the future.

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guy lombardo said...
as of late my inspirations for our N-GOM project have been andy goldswortyhy, mattise, ed & nancy keinholz though of late i have rediscovered a very old and wise muse..the very streets i travel and the things i find along my journey token totems filled with the through away energy of other peoples' lives chewing tabacco likes and missmatched ear rings awaiting a new life or eternal damnation of gutter hell which will it be? Always i am the artist today the Saint Peter de refuse' will i create eternal heaven for that which is unwashed and unwanted or another sort of gutter hell?